Sinsheim - After six weeks of trauma and uncertainty came the news on November 16th that all of Germany had been desperately longing to hear: 1899 Hoffenheim’s Boris Vukcevic had woken from an induced coma.

The 22-year-old Germany U-21 international had been seriously injured in a car accident in Bammental, near Heidelberg, in late September, an even that had shocked German football to the core. He was rushed to a hospital in Heidelberg where he fought for his life. After two head operations, his condition slowly began to improve.

'Playing and fighting for Boris'

The event overshadowed Matchday 6 in the Bundesliga, especially Hoffenheim’s 0-0 draw with FC Augsburg. Following the game, Vukcevic’s teammates, together with the fans, sang with tears in their eyes in tribute to their injured colleague and friend, with then-coach Markus Babbel comforting them with an arm around the shoulder.

Since then, 1899 fan sections have teemed with messages of love and support for Vukcevic, while the players’ motto has been, “We’re playing and fighting for Boris.” Since waking from his coma, Vukcevic’s condition has improved, and he was able to express his thanks to supporters for their support on 16 December.