Frankfurt am Main - The Bundesliga Foundation continues to increase its commitment in the field of integration as the primary nationwide partner of the "Football meets Culture" project. The initiative was founded in 2007 by LitCam, a non-profit corporation associated with the Frankfurt Book Fair, with the aim of exploiting the enthusiasm that stems from football to promote sustainable education for children.

In practice "Football meets Culture" entails that, for an entire school year, children with learning difficulties will enjoy an hour of football training twice a week, as well as an hour of supplementary language-development classes. Football, in this sense, provides a playful platform to help improve the children's social and communication skills, whilst enhancing their motivation to learn.

The initiative is based on a close collaboration with schools in underprivileged districts and will be supported by the respective local Bundesliga club. A football coach and an external teacher will assume responsibility for the remedial lessons to aid in the development of language and football.

There are currently eleven schools in six German cities which offer the "Football meets Culture" project. The most expansive facilities are in Frankfurt where four such projects are being undertaken. Berlin and Stuttgart have two schools running the project, while there is one project being run in both Hamburg and Gelsenkirchen. Additionally, there will be another project in Nuremberg starting in the coming school year.

In addition to the nationwide project "Lernort Stadion", "Football meets Culture" is now the second lighthouse project run by the Bundesliga foundation in the field of integration. Most recently, the Bundesliga's Matchday initiative "Go Your Way" brought increased attention to the theme of integration.