Perfect deliveries: Mario Mandzukic praised the service from the wings after his two headed goals against former club VfL Wolfsburg
Perfect deliveries: Mario Mandzukic praised the service from the wings after his two headed goals against former club VfL Wolfsburg

Mandzukic hails "perfect" service

Munich - Eight games, eight goals. Mario Mandzukic has taken to leading the Bayern Munich line like a duck to water.

"I just told them where I want it"

The Croatian frontman added two to his tally with a second-half double in Tuesday evening's 3-0 victory over his former club VfL Wolfsburg continue his impressive Bundesliga record of a goal a game this season.

"I just told my them where I like the ball to be delivered, and they did it perfectly", said the 25-year-old of teammates Philipp Lahm and Xherdan Shaqiri, who each supplied pinpoint crosses for the 6'1 striker to head home. After the game, Mandzukic spoke about his red-hot form, Bayern's current momentum and his second visit to the world-famous Oktoberfest.

Question: Mario Mandzukic, you outshone your compatriot Ivica Olic tonight. How happy were you to be playing for Bayern Munich and not for Wolfsburg?

Mario Mandzukic: First of all, I'm happy that we won and of course that I play for a club like FC Bayern. On the other hand I am sad not to be at Wolfsburg any more, as I had a great time playing there. The fact is, though, that if Bayern contact you, it's hard to say no.

Question: The team is on course for a record run of wins at the start of a season, thanks in no small part to your goals. Can you top seven victories in a row?

Mandzukic: We'll aim to play every game like we did here. I see no reason why we can't continue in the way we have been playing up to now. Then we'll see what exactly we can achieve.

Question: Your link-up play with the wide players in the team looks to be working excellently. Was that something that you had worked on - to make the most of your aerial strength?

Mandzukic: Ever since I've been here, I've tried to bring my abilities to the fore. I just told them where I like the ball to be delivered and they both did that perfectly.

Question: You didn't celebrate your goals...

Mandzukic: That was deliberate. I didn't want to celebrate against VfL.

Question: You've now scored in every competitive game and have bagged your first brace for the club, yet you still seem to be just as relaxed as always...

Mandzukic: That's just how I am. I always try to stay calm and relaxed. It's going well for me here. I have everything I need and when things are as they are now, you just have to savour it and enjoy yourself.

Question: From the way you are playing, it looks as though you've always been playing and scoring for Bayern. Did you worry at all before coming here that you had made the switch to Munich a bit too early?

Mandzukic: No I didn't worry about that. I wanted to move to Bayern and to play in front of this crowd. I never had any fear that I couldn't cut it here.

Question: The squad rotation system means that every player will have to sit on the bench at some point. Is the strength of the squad a big plus point for the team this season?

Mandzukic: That's our biggest strength. We have a lot of games and every player is important. We also have good replacements on the bench and if someone misses out, it really isn't a problem.

Question: Your next opponents are Werder Bremen, who made things difficult for you in the pre-season LIGA total! Cup and eventually defeated you in a penalty shootout...

Mandzukic: Werder have a good team and it's always difficult playing in Bremen. I think, though, that if we're as concentrated and motivated as we have been recently, there's no reason why we shouldn't come back with three points in the bag.

Question: Finally, have you been to the Oktoberfest yet?

Mandzukic: I went when I was a child, but I don't remember too much about it. I'm looking forward to going along with the rest of the team a lot now, though. I've already tried on some Lederhosen. and if we keep playing like we have been recently, we'll have an even bigger smile on our faces when we do get there.

Christoph Gschoßmann reporting from the Allianz Arena