Bundesliga Newsletter


First-hand information, up-to-the-minute interviews and insider statistics: wherever you may be and whether you work in the game or are just a fan of German football, the DFL's English-language Newsletter keeps you posted on what's moving and shaking in the Bundesliga.

The DFL has been offering this free service to international subscribers since March 2007. Make sure you receive your monthly issue summarising all the most significant developments in the German game: new projects are unveiled, events contextualised and figures published.

Alongside the onfield success stories of the Bundesliga clubs and features on their star players, the focus is also on the international activities of the DFL. Where can a given Bundesliga club be viewed on the wider stage? What's new on the international TV programme The Bundesliga Preview Show? The Newsletter has the information straight from the source - quick and uncomplicated, delivered direct to your own mailbox.

Interviews with those involved at the sharp end of the action offer fascinating insights into the sporting lives of the stars, while to round things off there are exclusive videos of Bundesliga players revealing their recipe for success or introducing their all-time favourite goals.