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Chris Führich
German de
22 years
178 cm
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Chris Führich was born on 9 January 1998 in Castrop-Rauxel and plays for Borussia Dortmund. He played for SG Suderwich from 2005-2006, for FC Schalke 04 from 2006-2013, for Borussia Dortmund from 2013-2014, for VfL Bochum 1848 from 2015-2015, for Rot-Weiß Oberhausen from 2015-2017, for 1. FC Köln from 2017-2019 and has played for Borussia Dortmund since 2019.

Current season 2019/20

The player with the shirt number 33 has not yet played a game in the 2019/20 season.

Last game

The 22-year-old played his last game on the 17th matchday of the 2017/18 season (16 Dec 2017). 1. FC Köln parted from VfL Wolfsburg with a score of 1-0. He was in the starting line-up in this game and played as a midfielder for 71 minutes. He shot at the opponent's goal a total of one time. In terms of total touches, Chris Führich had 38 individual ball possessions. Furthermore, he had 18 tackle challenges in the last match. Of these, he was able to win eight. Chris Führich covered a distance of 9.4 km during his total playing time in this game. In doing so, he had a total of 25 sprints.

Bundesliga career and records

Chris Führich has played two matches throughout the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won one.