DullenMIKE and RBLZ_Umut could meet once again in this year's VBL cross-console final. - © bevestor Virtual Bundesliga
DullenMIKE and RBLZ_Umut could meet once again in this year's VBL cross-console final. - © bevestor Virtual Bundesliga

VBL interview with RBLZ_Umut and DullenMIKE


The best PlayStation and Xbox players went head-to-head in the 2022 VBL Grand Final by bevestor, in a rematch of last year's showpiece.

We spoke to Umut "RBLZ_Umut" Gültekin and Dylan "DullenMIKE" Neuhausen ahead of the 2022 final...

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Question: The VBL Grand Final by bevestor is coming up next weekend. How do you rate the field of participants on your respective consoles, "RBLZ_Umut" and "DullenMIKE"?

RBLZ_Umut: "There are very strong players on my console at the Grand Final. For example, last year's Xbox semi-finalist Serhat 'Serhatino' Öztürk is now playing on the PlayStation 5, so I'd say the level's even higher."

DullenMIKE: "On Xbox, guys like Mustafa 'fcsp_musti' Cankal stand out. A match against Umut's teammate at RB Leipzig, Richard 'RBLZ_Gaucho' Hormes, would also be tough. Everyone who's in the Grand Final definitely has the quality to go on and win the whole tournament."

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Question: Would a rematch of last year's cross-console finale be realistic?

DullenMIKE: "Another meeting's definitely realistic. I think that we both belong to the narrower group of favourites on our respective consoles. But we're still a long way from the cross-console final, so I'm taking it one game at a time."

RBLZ_Umut: "I've got good memories of it, but I don't want to name anyone here as my ideal opponent. For me, it's first about surviving the Swiss round and starting the tournament well against Deniel 'Denii_10' Mutic."

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Question: Since the VBL Grand Final last year, have you played each other at all despite the different consoles?

RBLZ_Umut: "Yes, we played a few training games. These were mostly very close and 50/50."

DullenMIKE: "I can also remember a 2v2 match at the FIFAe Club World Cup. Back then Kai 'hensoo' Hense and I won against Umut and Gaucho after extra time."

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Question: What skill or trait do you value most in each other?

DullenMIKE: "His variability and consistency. Umut has been playing at the highest level for several years because he is able to prepare for every game situation with the right formation."

RBLZ_Umut: "Consistency is a compliment that I can only return."

Question: What would you do with the prize money of 40,000 euros if you won the title?

RBLZ_Umut: "Similar to last year: invest well and save."

DullenMIKE: "Then a holiday's definitely possible. But I'd save most of it for the future."