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'FOKUS STYLO' in interview: "47 goals? Maybe I'll rebuild the squad again”


The e-sports organization FOKUS started the playoffs for the VBL Open by bevestor with three ambitious players. In the end, only one person held the coveted ticket to the VBL Grand Final by bevestor: Matthias “FOKUS STYLO” Hietsch. In an interview, the 29-year-old talks about preparing for the offline event in Cologne as a father of five, optimising the FUT squad and looks back on his last Grand Final participation in 2019.

Congratulations on moving to the VBL Grand Final, STYLO! Were the playoffs the expected feat of strength?

FOCUS STYLO: “Thank you. I'm happy to have prevailed. The field of participants in this year's playoffs was really strong. It says a lot if players who were single champions a few years ago didn't make it this time."

What learnings do you take with you from the two playoff days?

FOCUS STYLO: “I started the Swiss Round with four victories. Then came my perhaps closest match against Sascha, FSVSahex' Hendel, where I lost after a 1-0 first leg win after a penalty shootout. In this way, the second defeat in the Upper Bracket (1:2, 5:6 n.e. against “Lob Cedi', editor's note) came about. So I know exactly what I still have to work on before the Grand Final."

Not every 911 went in, but 47 goals were still the top score among all Xbox players. Which offensive players are in your FUT squad?

FOCUS STYLO: “My offensive players in the playoffs were TOTY Robert Lewandowski, FUT Captains Marco Reus and FUT Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius. I've also seen Lewandowski on the field with many of my opponents. With a view to the final event, I don't want to commit myself yet and maybe rebuild the offensive again."

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Your FOCUS team colleagues Mohammed “MoAuBa” Harkous and Lukas “Sakul” Vonderheide didn't make it. Does this increase the pressure for you?

FOCUS STYLO: “In the Swiss Round, there was an internal duel with 'MoAuba' (2:0/2:2). So I'm not entirely innocent of it (smiles). It's a pity that he and Sakul' didn't get it. For me personally, the pressure and expectations of the Grand Final won't change."

How do you plan to prepare for the Grand Final over the next three weeks?

FOKUS STYLO: “I'm not really going to change my preparation much. It is important that I prepare myself well in my head for the Grand Final. The mental factor will make the difference in the end."

To what extent can you even go into the grind as a five-time family man and coach of the German national team?

FOCUS STYLO: “My family has been supporting me with my duties in eSports for years and the DFB fortunately doesn't have a competitive game in this phase, so I can focus on preparing for the VBL Grand Final."

Your last participation in the VBL Grand Final was three years ago. How has the level in the Virtual Bundesliga changed since then?

FOKUS STYLO: “I'm very happy to be back. The level has risen dramatically since my last participation. Through Umut, Rblz_umut' Gültekin alone, who wasn't even there in 2019. But more competition also means that you become even better yourself, as you train and work with these players a lot."

Finally, a question that we can't ask soon enough: What would you do if you won the title this year?

FOCUS STYLO: “Then we celebrate extensively and then the whole family goes on vacation to Japan."