Check out the candidates for the Newcomer of the Season in the Virtual Bundesliga by bevestor. - © Virtual Bundesliga
Check out the candidates for the Newcomer of the Season in the Virtual Bundesliga by bevestor. - © Virtual Bundesliga

bevestor Newcomer of the Season: The candidates in a short check


The search for the bevestor Newcomer of the Season is taking shape. The winner and thus the successor of Max Julius “Diviners” Groene (SV Werder Bremen) is determined from a circle of five candidates, all of whom qualified for the VBL Grand Final by bevestor on June 04 and 05 in Cologne. We briefly introduce the players and thus open the voting process:

Levy “Levyfinn” Rieck

When F.C. Hansa Rostock entered the VBL Club Championship by Bevestor at the beginning of the season, the fresh wind from the Baltic Sea brought Levy “levyfinn” Rieck to the league. During the division phase, the 21-year-old only conceded two losses in 20 individual games and led his team to the semi-finals at the offline final in Cologne's street soccer base. After his equally strong appearance in the playoffs of the VBL Open by Bevestor (for the recap), many are asking themselves the question: What, if not an unstable Internet connection, does “Levyfinn” want this year stop?

Kamal “FCSP_Kamal” Kamboy

German club runner-up and DFB EPOKAL winner - the Newcomer of the Season Award would superbly expand the list of successes of Kamal “FCSP_Kamal” Kamboj (FC St. Pauli). Alongside his experienced team-mate Mustafa “fcsp_musti” Cankal, he has matured enormously, especially in the second half of the past VBL Club Championship season, and at the age of 18 he is still one of the youngest players at the VBL Grand Final (the complete field of participants).

Jamie “SVW_Chaser” Bartel

5:1, 3:0, or 8:3. This excerpt from the playoff run by Jamie “SVW_Chaser” Bartel says a lot. In the end, the SV Werder Bremen academy player not only had the ticket to the final for the German individual championship, but also the record for the most goals in the playoffs (49) in his pocket. Another statement with regard to the award: In the lower bracket, he defeated last year's Newcomer of the Season with Max Julius “Diviners” Groene (3:1/0:1).

Haci Umut “Hacigs_1905__” Saracoglu

When his gamertag appeared in the overview of December qualifiers at the VBL Open, Haci Umut “Hacigs_1905__” Saracoglu was probably not known to everyone. That changed about five months later. With three victories and two losses, the ardent fan of FC Augsburg survived the Swiss Round. On the second playoff day, he made an impressive victory through the upper bracket and was able to eliminate former VBL individual champion Cihan “Cihan_Official” Yasarlar (4:0/6:5 n.E.).

Thomas “Xthomas_om” Ostermaier

In the VBL Club Championship, Thomas “Xthomas_om” Ostermaier only made two appearances in the 2v2 individual matches. However, the FC Ingolstadt 05 PlayStation player was able to use the VBL Open to step out of the shadow of his strong team mates Timo “TimoX” Siep and Philipp “Eisvogel” Schermer. In the decisive fourth round in the Lower Bracket, he kept his nerve in a penalty crime against Denis “Denis” Müller (1st FC Cologne).

How to vote for your favourite

On the NOTES subpage, you can watch an additional trailer of all candidates and vote for your favourite. As in the previous season, the votes of the community and the specialist jury, consisting of show host Niklas “NiklaSneo” Noerenberg and casters Moritz Ladwig and Flo Hauser, contribute 50 percent to the overall result. bevestor grants the winner a deposit starting credit of 500 euros.