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Terms and Conditions of Use

By accessing and using the official website (hereinafter to be referred to as the "Website") of the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH (hereinafter to be referred to as the "Provider") at, the user gives his consent to accept the Terms and Conditions of Use as well as all legal requirements set forth below.

In the event that the user is unwilling to accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, he or she is automatically prohibited from visiting the Website.

§ 1 Liability Exclusion / Disclaimer

All information provided on the Website has undergone in-depth research. However, neither the Provider, nor the authors, assume explicit or implicit responsibility for the currentness, correctness, completeness or any other quality of the information. Users are not entitled to claim compensation from the Provider or author regarding any damage (material or otherwise) sustained because of the web content, by using or not using the information provided on the Website or regarding any damage resulting from the use of Website information that is old, erroneous, incomplete or deficient in any way, unless there is proof that the Provider or author has acted in gross negligence or with wilful intent.

The entire content of the Website is non-binding. The Provider is entitled without further notification to alter, add, or delete parts of the content or the entire content of the Website and to end publication of the Website temporarily or permanently.

Advice or recommendations provided on the Website do not entail any guarantee or establish any liability, neither by the Provider nor the author, unless such guarantee or liability has been expressly agreed in writing.

The Provider does not guarantee that the Website is free of computer viruses or other harmful elements. Users visit the site at their own risk, they alone assume responsibility for any loss of data or damage to their computer system that may occur.

§ 2 Use of Services provided on the Website

The offer to a user, the purpose of which is the use of a service provided on the Website, is effected by means of the registration of the user with the Website and through the input mask designated for ordering the specific service. The acceptance by the Provider is generally confirmed by sending an electronic message to the email address given by the user.

The Provider can also reject an order, in particular if there is justifiable cause, e.g., the user has entered incorrect information, or there is reason to believe the user intends to use the services in a way for which they are not intended.

This website also offers services operated by third parties (such as 'Official Bundesliga Manager'). In order to use these services, the user must agree to the terms and conditions set out by the third party, as only the terms and conditions set out by the third party are applicable to the relationship between the user and the third party. The validity of the terms and conditions of the DFL for the existing contractual relationship between the user and the DFL remains unaffected.

§ 3 Cancellation Policy

The user can cancel an order without stating reasons for up to two weeks after the Provider has confirmed the order. Punctual dispatch of the cancellation in the form of letter will suffice to comply with the time limit. The letter is to be sent to: DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH, Guiollettstr. 44-46, D-60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany or by email to

The cancellation right of the user can be prematurely terminated if the Provider has already activated the service before the cancellation deadline in accordance with the provision of the service and / or if the user has brought this about by, e.g., activating the service himself.

In the case of an effective cancellation, services received and any benefits derived therefrom have to be returned. The Provider will return payments that may have already been made.

§ 4 Copyright, Marks and Logos

All rights are reserved. The Website, including all texts, pictures, graphics, video sequences, audio files and other content are protected by copyright and intellectual property law. All information is intended solely for private use. Any commercial use, the publication or reprint or digital duplication or forwarding to third parties - even in part or after editing the material - without the written consent of the Provider is strictly prohibited. This provision includes the integration on external websites and online services or saving or copying content onto external databases. In case of any violation of this provision, the Provider reserves himself the right to take legal action including, but not limited to, claims for compensation.

All emblems on the Website are legal trademarks. It is forbidden to publish these marks or to use these marks in any other way, without the written consent of the Provider. All other trademarks on the Website, including those belonging to third parties, are protected by copyright and intellectual property law. Their inclusion on this Website shall not be interpreted to mean that they are exempt from third party copyrights.

No liability will be assumed for unsolicited manuscripts, texts, pictures, graphic material, video sequences, audio files or other material. By handing over any such material, the respective user assigns all rights for commercial use of the content to the Provider. The Provider is by no means obligated to publish any material. The Provider is not liable in case of any later usage.

§ 5 Hyperlinks

In accordance with a ruling passed by the Hamburg district court on May 12, 1998, (file 312 O 85/98), any provider imbedding hyperlinks to other websites may be held responsible for the content of such websites. The only option to avoid such responsibility is for the provider to expressly dissociate himself from the linked web page.

As the Provider has no control over the present or future content of the linked web pages, the Provider hereby expressly dissociates himself from all content on all web pages linked to the main page. This disclaimer comprises all links currently to be found on the main page as well as all links that will be set by the Provider or third parties in the future.

In consequence, the Provider cannot be held liable for illegal, incorrect, deficient, or incomplete content featured on any linked web pages. Particularly the Provider will not assume any liability for any damage, material or otherwise, sustained due to using or not using the information provided on a linked web page, or as a result from purchasing any goods or services offered on linked web pages.

§ 6 Privacy Statement

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§ 7 Governing Law / Court of Jurisdiction

Frankfurt/Main will serve as the court of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions of Use, which are governed by German law.

§ 8 Effectiveness of this Disclaimer

If certain passages of this document or parts thereof do not or no longer comply with existing law, either today or in the future, the remaining passages are not affected and continue to be legally valid. The invalid passage shall then be replaced with a new wording that comes as close as possible to the intended effect.