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Götze: "I really could have helped the team a lot"

  • Mario Götze applauded the visiting fans, but acknowledged he could and should have given them more than a 0-0 to celebrate in Spain
  • His frustration at missing several gilt-edged chances was still evident after the final whistle when he spoke to
  • He expects to find room and more chances to seal Dortmund's passage to the last four next Tuesday, and is looking forwards positively

Malaga – Mario Götze could have been the decisive figure at La Rosaleda, yet the Borussia Dortmund playmaker scuppered a succession of gilt-edged chances. BVB therefore had to settle for a goalless draw in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League tie with Malaga CF.

Götze was self-critical after the game, but he looked ahead positively. “Of course it’ll be going through my head for a while, but I can’t change it anymore. I’ve got another 90 minutes on Tuesday to put it right,” he said in an interview with

He spoke about his side’s position going into the return leg, the duel with Isco and the upcoming Bundesliga game against FC Augsburg. Mario Götze, is the 0-0 in Malaga a good result for BVB?

Mario Götze: If you look at the way the game went, then it’s definitely not. We had a lot of great opportunities and we just lacked a clinical finish. That applies to me more than anybody. I really could have helped the team a lot. Is it a psychological problem in such situations?

Götze: Yes, the decisiveness was probably lacking. In the end, they weren’t just 50 per cent chances, but real sitters which we’ve really got to take. Now we’ve got to put it behind us because we’ve got a pretty good position for the second leg in front of our own fans. Will those missed chances affect your self-confidence?

Götze: Of course it’ll be going through my head for a while, but I can’t change it anymore. I’ve got another 90 minutes on Tuesday to put it right. Before the game, the Spanish media were focusing on the duel between yourself and Isco. How did it go in your eyes?

Götze: There are always two teams playing against each other and never just two players. Of course Isco is a very good player with huge potential, but in the end, if you want to go through, the whole team matters and nothing else. Were Malaga as tough as you expected them to be, particularly in defence?

Götze: In one or two situations that was definitely the case, but whenever we managed to play quickly, we were able to create chances, and we did that very well. Malaga do have good players, though, and they can launch very quick counterattacks. We’ll be ready and well prepared for the game next Tuesday. First of all you’ve got FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga. Is it possible to just block out the Champions League?

Götze: We’ll analyse this Malaga game quickly and then focus fully on Augsburg from Thursday. Everything else comes after.

Interview by Michael Reis in Malaga

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