Bundesliga Bundesliga 2


Say cheese! Diego Contento, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez (from l. to r.) pose in FC Bayern's Oktoberfest attire Bayern's "Wiesn" top also happens to be their new away shirt this season. Bastian Schweinsteiger (m.) is already kitted up... ... and team-mate Martinez is keen to follow suit. Off with the jacket! Here we go! Martinez tries his luck with "Hau' den Lukas" "Not bad!" - the Spaniard seems to be enjoying the physical challenge of this particular game As a true "Münchner", Bastian Schweinsteiger has had much more practice. The midfielder is also impressed by his new shirt: <br>"I like it, it's very nice," he said. "The colours don't quite match those of FC Bayern, but they are fitting for the Oktoberfest" Now time for a slightly different challenge: "Hammer the nail" The ladies look on with interest. "Who will win this one?" Schweinsteiger seems to have opted for power over precision... Time for a bit of darts to round the afternoon off, but not before the spectators have moved out of the way of the balloons! The full kit, complete with shorts and socks. Schweinsteiger isn't worried about opposition supporters threatening to "pull <br>Bayern's shorts down" during matches. "We won't hear that very often if we win our games," he explained. "It's all up to us!"
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