Bundesliga Bundesliga 2


Borussia Mönchengladbach arrived in Dubai on Friday for a week-long training camp, during which they are also officially flying the flag for the Bundesliga With sunshine and temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, conditions are perfect for getting the muscles warmed up again after the festive break Far from the cold and ice of Germany, the Foals have found perfect conditions in Dubai... ...but it certainly isn't a holiday with some serious work to be done before returning to Germany a week before the Bundesliga restarts on 18 January Core training exercises were on the agenda for some of the players on Sunday... ...hard work, but an essential component of any preparatory training schedule these days Juan Arango, Granit Xhaka and Igor de Camargo (l. to r.) bend the knee for the good of the cause... ...which is dedicated to ensuring everybody is pulling in the same direction when the action gets back under way... ...and that a few more teams are soon getting a rear view of Gladbach as they move further up the standings Nearing the end of the week-long training camp, spirits were still high in training ahead of a friendly with Eintracht Frankfurt, a gamewhich the Foals lost 3-2
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